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  • Stuck with a Keurig Kold Machine?

    Stuck with a Keurig Kold Machine? Park & Willow will Credit for it

    The Keurig Kold machine seemed like such a fantastic idea!  Imagine having one of these incredible machines at a party in your home, allowing all of the guests to select their favorite fizzy drink and enjoy!

    But just 9 months after this seemingly incredible machine came into the market, it is being discontinued by Keurig.

    So what went wrong?  Why was the Keurig Kold machine such a flop?  And if you are the not-so-proud owner of one of these machines and are looking for a way to get rid of it without losing money, what can you do?

    What’s Wrong With the Keurig Kold?

    • It’s Huge

    This is not an exaggeration.  This machine is an absolute beast that will swallow up your counter space without you even realizing it.  It has been measured at about 19 inches deep, and in addition it is required to leave two inches more behind the machine for ventilation.  That’s a total of 21 inches deep, besides 15 inches of height and almost 12 inches of width.


    • It’s Expensive

    The price of the Keurig Kold machine itself was $369.  This was a very bold price, considering that its largest competitor, SodaStream, produces machine that does the same job for $79 (that being the cheapest model).  But once the machine is purchased, the price continues to be high due to the pods.  A pack of four pods could cost you $4 to $5 and gives you 32 oz. of delicious fizzy beverage.  Wonderful.  However, if you wanted to just run to the store, you could pick up a 12 pack of coke for $5, which is 144 oz.  If you don’t want to go to the store, the average price per serving of a SodaStream a matter of cents.  That’s a significant price difference.


    • Reviews Paint a Horrid Picture

    Customer reviews have compared the sound of a Keurig Kold to a freight train.  One customer wrote that its constant humming was reminiscent of a soda vending machine.  Another customer who was to do an unbiased review got the machine for free, but after using it decided he wasn’t even going to keep it!


    • It Needs to Be Constantly Plugged In

    Unless you enjoy waiting 2-5 hours for your soda.  So, in addition to the fact that it takes up an incredible amount of space, it cannot be stored because it will then take hours to cool down and prepare to make you a drink.


    What Can You Do?

    Now that you’re stuck with this practically useless machine, what can you do?

    Park and Willow, a soda delivery service, is here to save the day!  We are offering to credit on most Keurig brewers especially for you!  If you need to get rid of your clunky and expensive Keurig Kold, log on to and find a better solution!

    If you are looking for beverages delivery in New York City, Park and Willow is a great option.  We provide beverages, Keurig K-Cups and more to business and homes in the New York City area.

  • Coffee is the Only Drink Serves in Heaven..



    Anthropologists have recently discovered the remains of, what is to believed, the first original cavemen ancestors in places where coffee beans have grown wild for thousands of years, untouched. These scientists have unanimously concluded that, whether these skeleton parts be pro magnum or semi-pro magnum - (they didn't need gun licenses then); whether they lived in heavily vegetated environments; or, whether they huddled under the scorched dessert sun, the coffee bean was pivotal to all aspects of their survival.


    Whereas, only the virgin beans of the first crop were sacrificed upon a fire, there was much improvised dancing, wild gesticulations and blindfolded karaoke.  Generations upon generations passed this secret worship of the coffee bean, and other related bean stimuli...


    For example, let's look at cocoa beans and the ancestral lineage of COCO CHANEL. Her genetic code originated from one of these caffeinated DNA tribes. But let's look at an even more recognizable world icon and his name.....A LEADER OF NATIONS: COFFEE AH NON. There was a typo. It really was COFFEE BAR NONE to show his superior and regal presence, named after the magnificent bean, which has never been surpassed in its uniqueness and power - one small entity possessing the capacity to inspire so many adjectives!!!!!



    Although people swear they are coffee "addicts," which has a very negative connotation, I have never witnessed any 12 step program established to help addicts kick the coffee habit, anonymous, or otherwise. However, one coffee franchise has attached the word "fix" to its name. This can mean that coffee can fix any emotional boo boo; or, it can have a derogatory meaning such as fix, or addiction. I give it the former; what do you say, fellow human bean?


      Cafes devoted to selling their number one product, COFFEE, emphasize the social gathering, the "klatch," The type of klatch is left up to you, the klatch organizer. It can pertain to friends sharing a whine (not wine) and an iced mocha frappe; it could be a COFFEE CAFE in Japan, unbelievably popular, where a Tokyo bank executive runs in to a café, for a few minutes of privacy. He places an order by saying: "SUPLISE ME" It is the coveted time of being alone, goofing off, that is so integral to the Japanese psyche. Japan is a place where time is an unrelenting taskmaster - even prohibiting family visits. In fact, an industry has materialized called "Rent a Friend" where an agency sends out actors to take on the roles of a family, and visit the client's parents for a day!!! The “pseudo-family” is well-informed with the person they are impersonating, they are laden with gifts and conversation topics to insure a great day, and they are then well- paid by the agency, for showering the grandparents with love and familial obligation their OWN children could not give them. Things are changing now, but those few savored gulps of coffee fulfill so many needs, it cannot be thought of as indulgent.

      Nevertheless, in all countries, even where the concept of "a snack" is a new and enigmatic concept, everyone loves and looks forward to indulging in a luxurious cup of coffee, made from a myriad of types and flavors of beans.


    The word "COFFEE"(pronounced in areas known as the Bus & Tunnel crowd, or What Exit Off the Turnpike as cawfee) appears in some words, but only revealed when pronounced. For example, ca COFF o née. This word might be used to describe a barrage of stimuli, as when your son's first grade karate class puts on a musical Ninja light show. Blaring, distracting noises and sounds, parading as dissonance as music, surround you, until you hear the beginning notes of the Twilight Zone, introducing the entrance of a mega migraine...


    Another indigenous tribe, nowadays called the Aborigines, but thousands of years ago called "the Aboriginals" made the coffee bean the pivotal part of their dream-based culture, used as a tool to diagnose the onset of sudden illness and maladies (if the words were unknown, they hummed).  For mystical rites, the High Priest would apply a coat of white chalk-like powder to his face. It was called GOTH 1-a melanin challenged pigment that gave a frighteningly anemic appearance, not unlike THE CHER YEARS. The old shaman would pick up an Aboriginal wind instrument and drag it across the dusty terrain. He was to call upon the dream deities to protect them, while they crossed into the Earthly realm, without proper ID. All he had was his talisman - his coffee bean, secured around his neck. He drew a deep breath from his diaphragm; he had tried with his IUD, but his voice sounded tinny...


    Suddenly, he was stricken, and he collapsed to the ground. He had not been able to blow the Dirigidoo and call upon the tribal ancestors from the dreamworld. He was clutching the place between his groin and thigh, writhing like a snake. A SHIT (Shaman in Training) suddenly appeared and pressed his hand on the Shaman's wound. He directed him to COF. His friend emitted a weak, spit of phlegm. The Shaman in Training picked up a gourd full of coffee beans. He yelled, "COF, COF AGAIN, MAXWELL" (as his inner circle called him). The Shaman in training now bore down with all his might and pounded out a solo of Yma Sumac doing the Copa-the Nightclub Years. Suddenly, the stricken Shaman sat up and spoke: "You have cured me of a near fatal hiatus hernia; my hernia is obviously no longer on hiatus. You have cured me from the wisdom, healing and homeopathies of COF.



    Too long to be an amazing diet that removes unsightly facial warts; might be a guide to dating after age 70. Something more widely followed. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. You can breathe easy. There is nothing in the big 10, or its interpretations, that prohibit the use of coffee for internal or external use.


    The caste system exists, to some extent, in my country, Israel. Don't get me wrong; people can marry anybody they goes more by identifying people by the clothes they wear. For instance, a Tel Aviv businessman, or professional (doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc) may choose to wear jeans, but, most likely, his will be ironed, stain-free and worn in the near proximity of his waist. His more informal brother, the Israeli workman-the repairman, the guy who kneels and checks that all the wires are attached to where they are supposed to be.... he could not even have filled out the paper work to qualify for his blue collar job, unless he had the one uniform requirement: THE JEANS MUST BE WORN 24 INCHES DOWN FROM THE WAIST, BARING THE STANDARD, DARK CRACK AND ANY ANAL HAIR, and/orTATOOS WHICH SPROUT FORTH. ORNAMENTS OF ANAL HAIR (SUCH AS RASSTA BRAIDS).ETC/ ARE ENCOURAGED BY COMPANY POLICY.

    Is this what separates a Corporate Israeli man and a typical Israeli- one who wears shirts unbuttoned in winter, in hopes of luring a big-breasted,  “green card goddess” to make Aliyah to Kew Gardens, Queens? So, what brings these two together? What devours the walls of difference, the walls of separation? Out of their job environment, both might show up at a family funeral in crisply-ironed jeans. As a matter of fact, the only person in a suit and tie is the guest of honor, himself.  And he's wearing it, because his grieving wife picked it out for him. So what brings these two disparaging types together???....It's...THE COFFEE...the kind that's served in industrial paper cups. It might already be served with a cigarette stub floating in it, just for gornisht, I mean, garnish.


    OK- we are not talking about that machine piss that passes for coffee in institutions like hospitals, Laundromats, real estate offices, or having your hair blow- dried during the conversation lull by two hair operators at GOOD ENUF DEZINZ. The kind of coffee I am talking about, you a Kasbah...with your fortune read by a woman who goes a little heavy on the kohl around her eyes. and still has residue black rings from last night's henna party, on her eyes and hands...She is known in her circles to be very talented on seeing the future. Her eyes tilt back, until the whites of her eyes show; she makes gasping noises, not unlike a cat coughing up a hairball. Suddenly, she sits upright and grabs your hand, as if she suddenly remembers where she left the car keys. She whispers to me that many people are jealous of me; and, not to trust someone very close to me - she is after my husband. This is a revelation, since I am presently not married. Jealous of me? To quote a theatrical play, "Bronx Tales," a character says: "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all..." She shakes her head, she defies criticism. "I know you because I chew the gives me powers like an emotional x-ray...people have put many curses on give me $20, you will see your life will change." I told her that I only had a $100. bill. She shook her head, as if to say to me, "no worry have money card? I have ATM machine, next to where I pickle olives and cucumbers, in the mud room." I flinched. That might present another problem, but I won't go into that now.  I must report to you that I seem to have had a turnaround in my life. I just got married. I still have no close girlfriends, so I am not worried that any two-faced witch will try and steal Ed away. Nobody seems to be jealous of me, unless my neighbors secretly covet my miniature, plastic knick knack collection I hoard in a broken tea cup? And right after I returned from the ATM, I did feel remarkably lighter, especially after I handed over that $20.!!!!!


    Just from personal experience, I find coffee a great energy boost for mid-morning and late afternoon. At 4pm, when you have to stop and think which relatives are living, and which ones have passed on, it's time to stop and make an iced coffee. It is a reward, in itself. Whatever is passing itself as blood flowing through your veins, IT gets a little extra boost; your patience level is elevated, as your 9 year old squeals: "Look at Sparky...he's making Poo on your bed AGAIN!" Yes, I think, I would have to agree with Ray Charles, isn't that a Kodak moment...But, instead of reaching for something that might garner a personal visit from DYFUS, I reach for a sip of soothing, sweet, vanilla coffee, and hum the opening theme to I MARRIED JOAN, but never JOAN CRAWFORD. (That's only reserved for Mother’s Day).

  • Why is Online Shopping So Popular?

    Over the years the online shopping method has become a natural part of life. There's no comparison between waiting impatiently in line and waiting patientlyonline, while seated in your office chair. Why office? Because at Park and Willow we made sure you could order whatever you need for your office kitchenette - if it's coffee, water, snacks or even paper products.

    So aside from the convenience of not having to get up from your chair to grocery shop, there are a few more advantages to this method that are obviously winning the case. Saves you time, that's for sure. With all the driving, parking, carting, purchasing - simple grocery shopping could even take an hour. If we're talking about driving and parking, what about all the fuel? Which brings us to money saving!

    Another important advantage of the online shopping method is the variety. As physical stores could have a product limit because of certain policies, online stores have a bigger variety of products to order.

    Of course online you can find great deals and coupon codes through online email campaigns and newsletters, something that has become popular among the online stores and companies. Talk about money saving again!

    Online shopping is a great way to smartly spend your money and time.  Need say more?

  • Keurig’s Big Move Profits Coca-Cola

    As you already know, Keurig is the infamous King of Coffee in the USA. Manufactured by Green Mountain Inc, they sell hundreds of coffee capsules, aka K-Cups, and a large variety of coffee machines.

    A few months ago Keurig had introduced their new quality product, the Keurig Kold, a soda machine that is used with the all known K-Cups, but this time in flavors from the big-name soda brands such as Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and more.

    At the time it was unclear as to whether Keurig Kold will succeed, for its steep cost of entry didn’t promise much saving for the company.

    Well as it seems, this past month Keurig has been having its problems as their shares went down to 20%. Quite a downfall for such a successfull company. However they definitely found a way to stop its plummeting share price.

    As of yesterday (Monday 12.7.15) Keurif has announced that they’ll be taken over for $92 by JAB Holding Co, a group with stakes in other famous coffee brands like ‘Peet’s Coffee and Tea’ and ‘Caribou Coffee’. JAB claims that this move would also help the Keurig Kold beverage system’s failing situation, as they’ll be able to strengthen and support it better than Kuerig as a public company couldn’t.

    As I’ve mentioned before, Coca-Cola has been partnered with Keurig Kold to produce their soda capsules, and as part of this 10-year deal they have been building a massive stake in Keurig during the past two years, spending over $2 billion. Coca-Cola had aquired 17.4% of Keurig close to the deal’s share price at $92 per share. This gives Coca-Cola an amazing profit, as instead of losing around $1 billion on that investment, they’ll make about $25.5 million.

    Sounds like a great achievement for everyone, doesn’t it?

  • Aspartame-Free Pepsi

    PepsiCo ReleasesAspartame-Free Pepsi

    New product features sucralose blend

    Purchase, N.Y.-based PepsiCo Inc. announced that it has reworked its Diet Pepsi brand, making the product without aspartame.

    "Diet cola drinkers in the U.S. told us they wanted aspartame-free Diet Pepsi, and we're delivering," said Seth Kaufman, senior vice president for the Pepsi and Flavors Portfolio at PepsiCo North America Beverages. "We recognize consumer demand is evolving, and we're confident cola-lovers will enjoy the crisp, light taste of this new product."

    The company announced that Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi will be sweetened with a blend of sucralose instead of aspartame and will be sold throughout the United States. An integrated marketing effort also was launched to encourage consumers to taste the new product through sampling, coupons, advertising, retail and social media promotions.

  • Nestle pure life purified water



    Nestle pure life purified water a unique-tasting water beverage. Before it is presented to the public, the product goes through a rigid, rigorous standard of safety, a 14 step “boot camp” program, that lives up to our name and reputation. We are pleased to announce NESTLE’ PURE LIFE.  

    You might be surprised to find just how significant a share purified or prepared water occupies in product portfolios, in emerging markets in the United States. Being such a competitive commodity, Nestle’ Water adheres to a process, that aims to guarantee the highest safety standards for drinking water, ensuring taste preferences, that are in accordance with consumer preferences. Continue reading

  • Taste of San Pellegrino

    Reward Your Taste Buds with the Sparkling Taste of San Pellegrino

    San Pellegrino

    Just say it out loud. San Pellegrino. What images come to mind? Romantic? Lyrical? Sparkling? Bubbling? Exceptional? San Pellegrino, the natural mineral water that turns the mundane into the sublime…Like sorbet, the signature taste of San Pellegrino cleanses the palate and has the uncanny attribute of amplifying subtle flavors. Having said that, one can surmise that these pristine, unique qualities have helped San Pellegrino procure the coveted position, as most preferred sparkling water in fine-dining restaurants, across the United States. Now, that’s Italian! Continue reading

  • K-Cups Coffee for The Heat of the Summer


    K-Cups Coffee in The Heat of the Summer: How to Cool Your Hot Days. Coffee, That Is.


     K Cups Coffee

    K-Cups on Ice: Brew Perfect Ice Coffee in Your Favorite Flavor Continue reading

  • Cheap K-Cups


    10 Ways to get Cheap K-Cups – from 31¢ (or less) – Keurig K-Cups Sale – K-Cups Closeouts – K-Cups Clearance – How to get the Cheapest K-Cups

    I don’t know what I would do without my beloved – the Keurig K-Cup Coffee Brewer.  I have the Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System, and it is the absolute best.


    Cheap K-CUPS Continue reading
  • Energy Drinks


    Energy Drinks

    Energy Drinks Delivery in the US is Going from Wild to Mild

    The energy drink industry continues to grow, despite the scrutiny about caffeine content and potentially negative health effects. Despite the growth, there is a drastic contrast in imagery of energy drinks versus the many health-conscious foods and drinks that are highly publicized today. In 2013 and 2014, perhaps as a result, the energy drink industry’s growth softened to single digits after years of double digit growth. Continue reading

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